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Padam, Padam!

Welcome to the website of Padam and the Mystery of the Missing Jewels.

This 'musical detective story' is the first in the 'Padam' Children's Books Series, by Phia Damsma.
It features Monsieur Padam, a busker who plays the guitar and sings the original 'Padam, Padam' by Edith Piaf for tourists in a village in the South of France. When a boy and his little dog arrive by boat, the adventure begins...

Exciting read for children aged 8 over. Fun illustrations.

Book Review Gold Coast Bulletin by Michael Jacobson:
"Great fun for the kids. French musician Monsieur Padam is determined to find the thieves who stole his friend’s precious necklace. With help from Thomas the sailor, his dog Petit and Elisa the holidaying Aussie, this foursome leads young readers into an enjoyable detective story and mystery-adventure.
In a word: ‘Imaginative’."